A Good Decision for Year-Round Residents

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Margaret Hanson (Aug. 28, “Rental ban intrudes on property rights”) expresses contempt for the City Council’s restrictions on short-term rentals, and seeming contempt for fellow residents of Laguna Beach, whom she informs, “You can’t choose your neighbors.” Also implied is a contempt for the idea of this town having its own character apart from a place for visitors to enjoy. Laguna is “a vacation town,” she declares, “always has been.”

But she also says that when summer vacation crowds come, she and her family go elsewhere. So in effect she does choose her neighbors. Not everyone has the same option. And some of us love Laguna so much that we wouldn’t dream of leaving it in summer to go elsewhere, even if we could afford to.

I’ve lived in Laguna for 20 years and for the last six, I’ve had new neighbors rotating in and out weekly. Some party until 3 a.m. and seem not to recognize they are on a deck only six feet from my windows. So I’m glad for the council’s move.

Go City Council! You can do even more. Laguna is not just one big hotel.


Michael Schmoldt, Laguna Beach

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