Community Connection is Also Worth Protecting

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I enjoyed Fried’s commentary and opinion on “Freeing Forest Avenue.”

I can’t speak for the merchants, but coming from a local’s standpoint, I fully support no car access and removal of parking.

Billy brings up good points about this area being more people friendly with potential for “connections.” Much to our chagrin it is a tourist town, but I think anything we can do to retain a small downtown community “feel” is essential not just for well-being of residents, but a uniqueness that keeps people coming here (for the merchants).

It’s also keeping up with the trend now anyways that there be more open walk-about commercial areas of outdoor dining, park-like landscaping, sitting areas, etc. It certainly would promote more of a “communal” environment and possibly enhancing the artsy community image that is kind of slipping away from us.


Jim Clarke, Laguna Beach


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