Alzheimer’s Advocates Honor Laguna Cops

Patty Mouton, the association’s outreach vice president, embraces Laguna Officer Mike Short, who aided a man with dementia found on the 133 Freeway.

Over 150 residents from across the county spoke out at a rally last week against Alzheimer’s disease, the fourth-leading cause of death in Orange County, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

The rally celebrated local law enforcement officers who took heroic action in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Each of the officers was presented with a piece of art created by individuals who suffer from dementia through the association’s art program.

Among officers countywide who received special recognition were three Laguna Beach officers, John Nelson, Mike Short and Sgt. John Falk. They were honored for their efforts safeguarding a man with dementia after he wandered onto the 133 Freeway, said a statement from the association.

Six in 10 people with Alzheimer’s will wander and half of those not located within 24 hours will not be found alive. To address these odds, the association has provided dementia safety training to nearly 3,500 first responders in the county. About 75,000 residents have Alzheimer’s or related dementia, the association says.

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