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For the past thirty-plus years, Julie Laughton has made homeowners’ dreams come true in the coastal communities of Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and on the Balboa Peninsula. Her stellar reputation, integrity, and talent has made her the success she is today and the go-to for anyone looking to have a stress-tree remodel and a truly custom home that matches their life and style.

One of Julie’s current projects exemplifies what it really means to have a 5-Star custom home. Located in the exclusive enclave of Camel Point in Laguna Beach, this coastal home with a 360-degree view of both the ocean and the hillside is a tribute to modernism with a clean, open, organic feel. “The original architecture consists of natural stone that matches the Laguna Beach bluff,” says Julie. “The warm wood tones inside and the gorgeous stream of sunlight create a tranquil yet stunning feeling. The house is full of positive energy and good vibes.”

This project is both a remodel and restoration. The remodel includes updates to the finishes to bring it all back to its former glory. The restoration part simply means bringing the home up to speed on the yearly maintenance items. Homes on the ocean need extra attention to detail and lots of preventative maintenance due to the salt water. “I always encourage my clients to sign up for yearly lifetime maintenance with me because it is mandatory to prevent issues before they happen,” says Julie. “My yearly maintenance checklist is on my website and it provides everything you need to do to properly maintain your home. Maintaining your home is the same as maintaining your car and even yourself. Everything needs maintenance to prevent costly issues before they happen.”

Julie’s motto is, “It all starts with a good plan.” As both a designer and licensed general contractor, she offers homeowners a complete one-stop shop Design Build service from conception to completion. Following her 7 Simple Steps to a 5-Star remodel or custom home will ensure the homeowner gets the home of their dreams with a stress-free experience. “I work with each and every homeowner to match their home to their lifestyle,” says Julie. “What makes me unique is that I take them through the entire process one-on-one where the homeowner only has to work with one person instead of many on a typical build.”

Julie is telling her story and sharing her experiences on her new weekly podcast Julie Laughton Living. She started her career in New York City working for the top 5 developers. She took that experience and brought it to the residential market in Southern California. “I began my career standing in the dirt making things happen and have been through every obstacle you can imagine,” says Julie. “All of these experiences have given me a wealth of knowledge and a rock solid reputation of getting it done right the first time. I am living proof that anything is possible and women can succeed in the man’s world of construction.”

Are you looking to remodel or build your custom home ground up and want to work with one person who does it all? Check out to see her timeless current and past custom home projects. Julie can be contacted directly at [email protected] or 714-305-2861. Also, be sure to tune into her podcast at for expert advice based on many years of experience.


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