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The Well: Find Your Way to Wellness

With an already thriving personal training business that launched in 1995, it was only natural for The Well owner Brian Wisely to take the next step and open his own fitness studio in Laguna Beach, a move he made in 2008.

Brian Wisely

Brian, who grew up in town and currently still calls Laguna home, says that he loves the culture of the community, the beauty and the sense of isolation from the hustle and bustle of Southern California. “I think Laguna Beach is anachronistic, because it’s a small town where everybody knows each other and there’s not much of that around anymore,” he explains.

Because of Laguna’s charming, old-fashioned quaintness and The Well’s tendency toward one-on-one training, Brian is able to get to know his clients on a deeper level, ensuring that the 2,500-square-foot studio in Boat Canyon feels like a second home as you find your way to wellness. Through 30-, 45- and 60-minute personal training sessions, assisted stretching and nutritional coaching, Brian helps patrons—from beginners to elite athletes of all ages—achieve wellness from the inside out.

To do so, he has developed his own philosophy, which he calls The Well Method, comprising five pillars that are fundamental to any fitness journey. These five points include nutrition, which Brian says is “the most powerful thing we do for ourselves every day”; cardiovascular exercise, which helps tune up the organ systems and cleanse the body in addition to strengthening the heart and lungs; strength training, an important element in eliminating body fat and sarcopenia, or “age-related muscle loss”; flexibility and mobility; and, finally, scheduling, which helps clients create a solid plan with a path that will lead them to optimum health and wellness. “The five pillars are comprehensive, science-based proven methodology,” Brian says.

The space is maintained in accordance with pandemic-related cleaning and capacity guidelines, with socially distancing built in to the one-on-one offerings. Plus, everyone is welcomed with open arms. “We have a culture in the studio that is all accepting and very positive,” Brian explains, noting that the judgement- free zone ensures an uplifting experience for all guests.

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