City Seeks Members for Disaster-Planning Committee


The City Council is currently accepting applications for seven terms on an Emergency Disaster Preparedness Committee, established earlier this month.

As this is a newly appointed committee, to stagger its terms four appointments will be for two years, and three for one year. Residents of Laguna Beach and Emerald Bay are welcomed.

The committee will make recommendations about:

Ideas to prepare for the next emergency or disaster;

Research grant funding and other funding opportunities to support disaster preparedness and public safety;

Make suggestions about ideas to be incorporated into the “official” emergency preparedness plan;

Help neighborhoods organize for disaster preparedness;

Work with the Chamber of Commerce to help businesses organize for disaster preparedness and establish a process to conduct assessments of disaster-hit businesses;

Work with the Laguna Relief and Resource Center to prepare for potential emergencies;

Identify local resources.

Those interested must submit an application, available at the City Clerk’s office or on the City’s web site, (Go to City Hall—Boards & Commissions—Application).

Applications must be filed with the city clerk by 5 p.m., Tuesday June 14, 2011. Applicants will be interviewed by the City Council at their regular meeting June 21.

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