Coffee Break Sizes Up Kids Handling Money


Money management for children is the focus of next Wednesday’s, March 16, PTA Coffee Break at the Surf and Sand hotel starting at 8 a.m.

In a culture of affluence, many parents are concerned about their children’s understanding of money, but don’t have a plan for teaching the respect and responsibility that comes along with it.  Parent and therapist Vicki Hoefle teaches parents how to give children real-life practice in developing a healthy relationship with money.  This process includes allowing children to make mistakes, learn by loss and develop the habits for “saving, spending and giving it away.”

Here are a some of the issues she covers: the best age to begin giving children money; the conditions of an allowance and guidelines for spending it; how to transition kids from the wallet to the bank and from spending to saving; whether to give kids a debit card; having them help you pay bills; and introducing them to the idea of making financial donations.

As usual, $5 will buy coffee and pastries and a valuable seminar.


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