Commitment Wins Their Support



Bob Whalen, quite simply stated, is an outstanding candidate for city council.  He has demonstrated his commitment to Laguna Beach through his involvement with the school board, the planning commission, Schoolpower, the Boys and Girls Club, youth sports and much more.

My wife, Judy and I, have served on boards and committees with him.  We have witnessed his leadership skill, insight, intelligence and integrity. In addition Bob brings the skills and expertise he has acquired from a successful career as an attorney with a practice in municipal law.

We have known Bob and his family as neighbors and friends since they first moved to Laguna Beach.  They are a fine family with years of involvement in our community.  We should all vote on the basis of qualifications for the position and commitment to the community.  In so doing then Bob Whalen is the clear choice for the Laguna Beach City Council.  We are voting for Bob and encourage you to do the same.


Keith and Judy Swayne, Laguna Beach

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