High Praise for Rollinger



I know why I am voting for Verna Rollinger. I trust her. She is quiet mannered and does not spend her energy calling attention to herself. Instead, she works very hard to enhance what is special about Laguna Beach – a vibrant business community, clean beaches and pristine water, a safe place to live, our legacy as an artists’ community, and a place that includes people of all walks of life, orientation, and heritage.

Verna understands that she serves the community.  If you contact her about a city issue, she will respond right away.  She will hear you out, share what she knows, and help make your concerns known to the city council and staff, working until the issue is resolved.

She knows more about our community than any other council member. As our elected city clerk for 30 years, she attended every council meeting during that time and kept all of our records.  She made Laguna one of the first in cities Orange County to give the public access to city records on-line.  She believes that an informed public makes a strong community.

Verna has been working for Laguna’s open space, community scale, and inclusiveness since the 1970’s.  She worked 40 years ago toward establishment of our 36’ height limit and recently asked the council to reaffirm the ordinance. She marched for open space in 1989 and is the only candidate who strongly supports Measure CC today.  She knows from Laguna’s past that lots that may not be deemed “buildable” today, may be considered “buildable” in the future.  She knows from her experience how important it is to anticipate future problems and act before they become unsolvable.

I encourage you to vote for Verna.  She stands up and works for Laguna Beach.


Faith Fontan, Laguna Beach

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