Creators of ‘Boris’ Rave About Reading

Neil Klayman, Barry Chung and Cama Stevens. Photos by Candice Dartez.

Neil Klayman and Barry Chung, the author-illustrator team responsible for “Boris Ate a Thesaurus,” visited El Morro Elementary recently, sharing their enthusiasm about the written word with students.

Their story focuses on a boy named Boris, who after eating a thesaurus starts spouting synonyms. It’s also spotlighted for the 2012 Read Across America.

Students who met reading goals were invited to the assembly with Klayman and Chung, where the author read from his work and illustrator taught them how to draw a caricature.

The visit was orchestrated by third grade teacher Cama Stevens and librarian Claudia Cameron.

Students who meet their June reading goal have another treat in store: a chance to dunk principal Chris Duddy in a dunk tank!

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