Democrats’ Club Disappoints



I am stunned to find out that the LB Democratic Club is only endorsing Verna Rollinger for City Council.

What happened to being inclusive? When did a purity litmus test rule our party? And sadly, how does one group rule the Democratic Club in Laguna Beach?

This Laguna Beach Democrat is voting for Jane Egly and Bob Whalen, two superb Democratic candidates who were overlooked by the LB Democratic club. They are both competent, thoughtful, pragmatic, educated individuals willing to look out for the needs of the city. I feel confident that they will serve our city well.

I am wary of any candidate that is too beholden to a powerful group at the expense of wise decision-making. Governance in our city should be based on intellect and thoughtful analysis. Sorry LB Democratic Club, you disappoint me.

Peggy Wolff
, Laguna Beach

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  1. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, and I too am disappointed. We’re supposed to have the big tent.

    No wonder the LB Dems can’t seem to recruit many new people to the club. I guess Bob Whalen and Jane Egly don’t have the right “brand” of Democrat-ness, or committed some minor slight that got magnified into a reason to roll over and let the likes of Steve Dicterow get elected. Petty (very petty) politics will get you nowhere. We can’t afford another Dicterow term, but I’ll bet that is exactly what we will get.

  2. How does one group rule the Democratic Club in Laguna Beach? The same way single groups of people grab hold of various groups in town and never let go. They just assume they have the right to.
    It’s discouraging and equally unfortunate is the power core in the Democrats of Orange County. The same people have been running, yes that’s the correct word, the club for about the last 30 years. Democratic? I don’t think so.


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