Family Steps Up for Athletes

The Hexburg Family Foundation's gift refurbished LBHS's weight room facility with new cardio bikes and treadmills.
The Hexburg Family Foundation’s gift refurbished LBHS’s weight room facility with new cardio bikes and treadmills.

“The Hexbergs have had a truly transformational effect on the Laguna Beach High School athletic program over the past three years. Their donations have funded very tangible things necessary to maintain a robust athletic program.  As a parent of two high school athletes, I am personally very grateful for all they have done,” said Lynn Gregory, Schoolpower president.

Committed parents of two LBHS student athletes, Debbie and Greg Hexberg and the Hexberg family foundation have given $80,000 to Schoolpower over the past three years for items as far ranging as hurdles for the track team, bleachers for the water polo and swim teams, gym lockers, refurbishment of the weight room, new treadmills and new cardio bikes. Their only stipulation has been that the money be spent where it would impact as many students as possible.

“The reality of a school system is that they cannot always fund every need that coaches have,” said LBHS Athletic Director, Mike Churchill.

“Thanks to the generous donation of the Hexberg family, we are able to provide opportunities for our students to practice a healthy lifestyle…I am very thankful for the continued support of Debbie and Greg and the contributions they make to LBHS.”

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