Finding Common Cause Within the Safety Net

By Mary Dolphin, Special to the Independent


With the advent of cold weather and changes at the Alternative Sleeping Location, the nighttime shelter for the homeless in Laguna Canyon, Jean Raun and Lee Winocur Field believe that now is a crucial time to unite social service organizations at the second Laguna Beach Community Alliance Cause-Alike event on Dec. 1.

“This should be a concern to the business community, as well as to those of us who believe all people have the human right to live in dignity,” said Raun, who will moderate the Cause-Alike event. She believes the needs for collaboration among social service nonprofits is urgent because “of those who sleep in public places….. “

She “can sense a disconnect among the people who work for the needy people in Laguna. We don’t talk to each other about the problems many of us share,” Raun said.

On Dec. 1, leaders and representatives of several social service organizations in Laguna Beach, including the Laguna Relief and Resource Coalition, the Friendship Shelter, and the Laguna Beach Interfaith Council, will meet to talk about their organizations’ activities and about the current and future challenges they face. The purpose of the meeting is to get people from social service organizations talking face to face, which can lead to all becoming even more effective in providing needed care in Laguna Beach, according to Winocur Field, who along with Elsa Brizzi, chairs the Community Alliance, a networking group for local nonprofits.

Laguna Beach residents and volunteers can contribute to this effort by attending and participating in this community wide effort to build cohesive and effective responses to the current social challenges faced by residents, local businesses and the homeless.

Members of all local organizations and the public are invited to attend this free affinity group gathering to be held Dec. 1 at 5 p.m. at the Woman’s Club, 286 St. Ann’s Drive.


Mary Dolphin is a Laguna Beach resident.


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