Lack of Cell Service Adds to Peril

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My wife and I were walking in Heisler Park and along the boardwalk

at Main Beach last week when out of the corner of my eye I saw a man sitting at a picnic bench next to the Inn at Laguna. As we passed by he began yelling “take your hat off motherf–r and turn around”.  He continued to repeat the command as he chased

us down the pathway.

At that point he was close enough that he took a swing at me. I was able to block it with my hand and as I did the cell phone he was holding flew from his hand.  This distracted him long enough for us to ask the valet at Las Brisas to call 911.

Why didn’t I call 911 from my cell phone? No service! Thank you cell

phone tower deniers. I am 80 years old. It is a mystery why he chose to attack me.

Be careful, it can be scary out there, even in paradise.


Art Kostka, Laguna Beach

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