LBHS Surfers and Team Take Top Honors


By  Scott Finn and Alisa Cairns 

Scholastic High School competitive season has concluded and the final overall ratings are in, with Laguna Beach High School surfers and the team taking top honors.

Trophies were awarded to the top teams as well as the top five Individuals in each division.

Laguna Beach High School Team totals:

Left Destiny Thompson, Claire Kelly, Anika Pitz, Jameson Roller, Zach Levine, Travis Booth, Jake Levine, Spencer Davis, Liam McCue, and Vann Allen
Left Destiny Thompson, Claire Kelly, Coach Finn in back, Anika Pitz, Jameson Roller, Jack Dickerson in back, Zach Levine, Noah North in front, Jeremy Shutts in back,Travis Booth, Jake Levine, Jett North in back, Spencer Davis, Trey Lockhart, Liam McCue, Cam Wilson, Vann Allen, Jake Houglum in back, Grace Wellsfry, and Dylan Davis.
1st place overall

1st in Mens Shortboard

1st in Womens Shortboard

1st in Bodyboard

2nd in Mens Longboard

2nd in Womens Longboard


Individual Mens Shortboard:

1st – Jake Levine

2nd – Travis Booth

3rd – Zach Levine


Individual Mens Longboard:

1st – Jameson Roller

5th – Ryan Meisberger


Individual Womens Longboard:

1st – Anika Pitz

3rd – Lola Fisher


Individual Womens Shortboard:

2nd – Claire Kelly

5th – Destiny Thompson


Individual Bodyboard:

2nd – Spencer Davis

3rd – Travis Booth

4th – Zach Levine


Honorable mention went to Trey Lockhart, Noah and Jett North, Dylan Davis, Gaal Shonfeld and Cam Wilson for all they did in the events they competed in to contribute to the team’s top overall placing. Also recognized were Liam McCue and Vann Allen for their contributions this season.


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