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Just Like Their Sponsor, UPS Store Really Delivers



From left, rear : Manager Stephen Kimball, Noah Haymond, John Hryn, Cal Nielson, Coach Beau Bianchi, Beck Kesler, Kevin Smith, Geste Bianchi, and Coach Carl Meiswinkel ; front, Lance Detweiler, Casey Sorensen, Josh Meiswinkel, Jaden Rea, Daniel Kimball, and Dylan Brashier. Photo by Shelley Detweiler

AAA division team UPS Store celebrates a recent win over American Legion, 9-8.


The first inning looked like it would be a battle of the all-star pitchers with American Legion’s Charlie Pillsbury and UPS’s Daniel Kimball shutting down the batters one-two-three.


In the bottom of the second, American Legion’s Ayrton Garcia-Jurado changed the rhythm of the game with a single, followed by a triple from Paxton Burzell. American Legion quickly got on the scoreboard with runs earned from Ayrton, Paxton, Jeremy, Hayden and Will.


A strong arm from UPS’s pitcher Jaden Rea saw three strike-outs to hold American Legion scoreless in the third. UPS got on the board with Cal Nielson earning an RBI as teammates Beck Kesler and John Hryn crossed home bringing the score to 2-5.


Top of the fourth inning, saw pitcher Lance Detweiler striking out the first two batters as he took the mound for UPS. Working with first baseman Bianchi, the pitcher threw out the fourth batter at first. UPS runs were earned by Geste Bianchi, Daniel Kimball, Noah Haymond, Casey Sorensen, and Kevin Smith giving them a slim 7-6 lead.


American Legion rallied back with two runs in the fifth; but defensive plays by Josh Meiswinkel and Dylan Brashier held them. When Detweiler came to bat, te bases were loaded. Cal Nielson and Dylan Brashier scored the winning runs.


Sportsworld Defeated Hobie


In the Majors, Sportsworld won 2-1 on Wednesday, March 21, against previously undefeated Hobie.


Jack Raffo pitched the last two innings for Sportsworld and in the fifth inning stole home to put Sportsworld up 2-1.

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