Letter: C’est La Vie to the rescue on Christmas Day


It’s been 10 years exactly since I was last in Laguna Beach on Christmas Day.

And not much has changed when searching for a place to have my Christmas dinner – many restaurants closed for the day, and those that remain open too busy to attend to me – sad to be ignored by restaurant staff for over 20 minutes. I was the guy with three small dogs, by the way, hope the restaurant in question feels just a little remorse for their behaviour.

Once again, that lovely restaurant C’est La Vie on Pacific Coast Highway came to my rescue, and I enjoyed an excellent four course dinner with my canine compatriots. Big shout out to this excellent restaurant and their waiters, all uniformally friendly and uniformed as well – classy place and they always try to accommodate even with no reservation. I was seated immediately.

Hopefully, it won’t be 10 more years before I come back to Laguna for Christmas!

Just so you know, this isn’t a rant against Laguna Beach, as I absolutely love the place!

Its only problem is the same as the rest of coastal Southern California, too many people want to enjoy its many charms and delights.

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada – the temperature was 7.7 F when I left to drive to California, and on Christmas evening, it was 56.3 F – in Laguna – Calgary is a great place to live, just not in the winter!

One thing we don’t have in Alberta is rats, as we pride ourselves on keeping them out of our province. In Laguna, I have personally seen a rat almost as big as one of my miniature rat terriers, and you have some even bigger than that, not all of them rodents!

Finally, to all Laguna residents, count your blessings as you truly are blessed to live in the wonderful Laguna Beach.

Phil Pask, Calgary, Alberta, Canada and temporary resident of Laguna Hills

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