Letter: City Billboard Priorities


I’m always perplexed at the digital sign going southbound on Coast Highway that reads “welcome to Laguna” — “we are a smoke free city’ or “no smoking.”

Do we really think this the most important message to give our visitors as they roll into town? First of all, people should be able to make their own decisions and secondly I’ve never heard anyone in 14 years complain about anyone smoking. And it’s not because of the lame signage.

I do know that sometimes cars fly by people trying to cross Coast Highway unknowingly, either they’re not paying attention and also, visitors from the East Coast aren’t used to pedestrians just sauntering into the road. There are also cars that purposefully don’t yield for pedestrians in the crosswalk. We also have a ton of pedestrians that diagonally cross outside of the crosswalk—often times at dusk or night.

These are all real problems with dire consequences. Why doesn’t the digital sign read “ you must yield for peds in the x-walk” or “watch out for peds in the x-walk?” This is a pithy and simple message to get across to our drivers and walkers.

Mark Foley, Laguna Beach

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  1. Adding my proverbial two cents: a overly bright, flashing(distracting) sign atop a metal cage with tires protruding from within the designated parking space that is being used up(isn’t lack of public parking an issue?)and blocking what little bicycle lane or egress for cyclists to use to tool about or through Laguna: whose idea is this????

    While I have in fact complained about smoke( please don’t at our beaches and parks locals and visitors) and REALLY jump out of my skin when overtly loud and obnoxious tailpipe rumbles pass by, it’s bummer to see this distracting sign every time I drive back for work on Coast Highway.

    Given we had yet ANOTHER pedestrian death( is Laguna #1 again for pedestrian/cyclist for our population size?) some sort of signage to kindly remind ALL that pedestrians have the right of way and cyclist die when confronted by hulking speeding, inattentive drivers.

    PHEW….I know, first world problems… but persons dying or being injured on our streets should vastly outweigh the campaign concerning smoking and growling vehicles.

  2. I witnesses a signage change last night while driving home from work! A smiley-faced sun welcoming everyone and a reminder that PEDS are out there walking!!!!!
    Kismet? Serendipity? Synchronicity?


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