Letter: Courageous Housing Advocates


I have been watching with interest the actions of the newly energized citys Housing and Human Services Committee. I was excited to read the detailed housing goals that new committee chair Alex Rounaghi laid out in his recent column. That these goals were approved by the city council is further reason for optimism.

Im impressed that the council-appointed committee, a group of accomplished, talented residents, some of whom Ive known for years, is at last standing firm on real action on housing in Laguna. Our very special, hallowed little village is being made to comply with state law, just like all the other very special, hallowed villages in California. Its no mystery why so many longtime residents are leaving, nor why our state is home to a disproportionate number of unhoused Americans. We need more housing. Its about time this thorny problem was undertaken, and the California Department of Housing and Community Development is just the agency to do it, this time with teeth.

I hope against hope that the committee is helped, not hindered, by the city staff, electeds, and fair-minded residents in achieving what it has courageously set out to do.


Mary Jo Winefordner, Laguna Beach

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