Letter: Deflection a powerful tool


This letter is in response to Tom Osborne’s Sept. 9 column “Opinion: Green Light: Deflection is the New Denial of Climate Change.” Dr. Osborne’s position is clear, reasonably stated and scientifically backed.  

Dr. Osborne provides a sensible, accurate and scholarly approach (for example, citing credible experts and listing his information sources) as he illuminates an obvious tactic being utilized by Skip Hellewell and the oil industry. 

Deflection is a powerful tool, which is why it is so widely, frequently and successfully used.  

As concerned citizens of this community, we have an obligation to ourselves and our neighbors to respond to inaccurate and deceitful claims made by the little fish and the big fish in these ponds we call Laguna Beach and Earth.  

Sue Stewart, Laguna Beach

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