Letter: Egotistic Anarchy is Not Freedom


An article in the Memorial Day issue of the Indy starts out, logically enough, honoring American servicemen and war dead. But the author, Skip Hellewell, then goes off the rails on a politicized rant praising a multibillionaire’s irresponsible decision to defy state and local authorities who are trying to protect their citizens’ lives during a global pandemic, implying that American servicemen gave their lives to give billionaires the right to give the finger to democratically-elected government. Skip, that is not freedom, it is plutocratic anarchy. Your article equating the sacrifices of our servicemen with the unhinged egotism of Elon Musk dishonors our servicemen and shows that you do not understand the meaning of freedom. Freedom comes with responsibilities.

Lee Otterholt, Laguna Beach

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