Letter: Let’s give our new councilman a chance


I was taken aback by a couple of letters Dec. 23 in the Indy from two of our senior citizens. It seems they are concerned by the youth of our new City Councilmember, Alex Rounaghi. One already has him in the pocket of the developers and opposed to the residents. How she knows this, I have no idea. Must be age and experience?

The other person thinks Alex has duped the voters, is an entitled millennium and is a pawn or puppet of the machine, whatever that is. To him, the greatest trait of a leader is that they don’t want to be a leader. Wow, I sure would not want to be in a foxhole with this guy. To me, real leadership is “lead, follow or get the hell out of the way and never ever follow when you can lead.” He says he has insight and education that it will take Alex decades to accumulate. I don’t think so. I believe he already has it. He just got it a lot sooner than this criticizer. Let’s give our new councilman a chance. He has certainly earned it.

Jack McKeown, Laguna Beach

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  1. YOU were taken aback? Hey Rube! It’s our EXPERIENCED belief. When are fools like you going to realize that your wind bag insulting critiques expose your low education of public policy and magnetized trendy liberal machine style marching?


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