Letter: Mean Girls was Broadway quality 


Thank you, Indy, for your cover story on our LBHS production of “Mean Girls.” You referenced a quote that said it was “Broadway quality,” so after reading your article, we immediately bought tickets for Saturday night’s performance, and you were absolutely right. Broadway quality all the way.

From the first scene with the individualist anchors, a fully tattooed “Janice” and her gay friend, “Damian,” we were mesmerized by the incredible singing voices and acting that anchored the show throughout. Then, the rest of the lead actors: “Cady,” “Regina,” and the two young ladies within Regina’s A-List girl clique, “The Plastics,” were equally amazing, especially for a high school production. 

The follower of Regina who sings “What’s Wrong With Me?” feeling suppressed in the clique’s domination is so poignant in her solo that when Regina’s mother joins her in a duet reflecting her own frustrations communicating with her teenage daughter, any parent or teen can relate deeply. And the other innocent, oblivious “airhead” follower is another true showstopper. Always in character with another terrific voice, she offers evidence of her escape from control through delightful glimpses of euphoric ballet, a dancer truly classically trained. 

We returned late from intermission due to long bathroom lines, so we stood at the back. A blessing, as it turned out. We could see the two young guys running the soundboard. One was a tousled blonde, so into the music rhythm, his arms and hand movements and severe facial concentration reminded me of a maestro conducting an orchestra. Entrancing! 

This night of musical theatre was the best I have experienced since the debut of “Phantom of the Opera” I saw on Broadway in the 1980s! By high school kids?  

Bravo to all involved. To Tina Fey for writing such an important story of teenage angst and the songs of power to overcome. Bravo to LBHS Director Meghan Minguez-Marshall for choosing it and for her excellent casting and leadership. And serious chops must go to LBHS vocal musical theatre teacher Lindsey Parker. All these kids can really sing! The two who played “Janice” and “Damian” could be on Broadway now. Each of these remarkable students in our hometown has the chance at fantastic careers in the entertainment industry if they want it. 

Thank you, Indy, for your article that I encountered yesterday morning. Otherwise, we would have missed such a treasure of talent and a fantastic night of theatre just down the street. And to all the 60-plus students who worked on this show, some since December, you go for your dreams. And never underestimate your talent, for it is real, worthy, admirable and frigging “off the charts” great. Thank you all, and remember, there is nothing wrong with being “different” within the sometimes unfair confines of high school “popularity.” Be yourself, and go to college where the whole high school game, “poof,” disappears, and you’re free to be whoever you want! 

Janis Murray, Laguna Beach 

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