Letter: Measure Q Not a Good Idea


Our country’s democracy is slipping away. The planet is melting and the citizens of Laguna are spending incredible amounts of time and money fighting about an issue I believe both sides of the “Q Question” agree ọn. Namely, that our unique city does not want uncontrolled growth and massive new developments, and that we need parking solutions.

I love Laguna. I’ve lived here for 45 years. My wife and I have put three children through Laguna’s Schools. Over the years, I have served on the boards of Friendship Shelter and SchoolPower. In addition, I have coached Little League Baseball and AYSO soccer. When COVID hit, several of my friends and I organized a relief fund and with the help of the community we raised $1 million and distributed the money to 1,900 needy city workers and artists.

Because of my longtime community involvement, I’ve approached by both sides of the Measure Q ballot initiative. In an effort to educate myself before picking sides, I met with David Rabor, the author of Measure Q. We discussed the merits of the initiative for 3 hours. Similarly, I have spent an equal amount of time with the opponents of Q. If that wasn’t enough, I have read many columns in the Indy and have talked to many others in town whom I respect.

As a result, I have come to the conclusion that Measure Q is not a good idea, and should not be approved. Why? Because as people on both sides of the issue have become emotionally and financially committed, their rhetoric has become more and more personal and inflammatory. All of which means voters have been left to separate fact from fantasy.

What’s not fantasy is that we elect city council members every two years and rely on them to make decisions on many issues (including development). If we, the people, don’t like what they are doing, then exercise your franchise and vote them out. This is the way democracy is supposed to work. I may not have always agreed with every decision the council has made, but I have always felt, with few exceptions, that our elected officials have acted in good faith and have done a good job of making life in Laguna the city we are proud of and enjoy.

Many well-meaning people believe Measure Q is a good idea, but an 18 page ballot measure that only a small percentage of voters have read and understand, could lead to serious, unintended consequences, that could do more harm than good to our city.

Bob Mister, Laguna Beach

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