Letter: Proposed Parking Structures Not the Answer


I, too, wish to add my voice to oppose the proposed massive parking structures at the South Laguna and Third Street locations. The construction, pollution, and carbon footprint these recently proposed parking plans would create is not a solution for the already congested areas. 

In fact, quite the opposite effect will be the result of large parking structures being constructed on current South Laguna playgrounds and replacing an ecological estuary that has already been proposed with a parking lot. 

Furthermore, the proposed parking structure on Third Street is not fiscally viable. Why would the City ever consider a structure to be bought and paid for by the City of Laguna Beach that reverts to the church after the City incurs all the costs? None of these proposals make any sense at all.

I want to invite you all to come to South Laguna on a nice sunny day and have a look at the beaches around Aliso Creek and Treasure Island. These beaches are already saturated and overcrowded. There are parts of the proposed “Parking Plan” that do make sense. 

I advocate for off-site parking and free shuttles into Laguna using our existing trolly infrastructure. Once shoppers, beachgoers and diners get to Laguna using our free trollies, they can go to any or all of our beaches, the Village, and the Canyon/Sawdust at no charge. 

We should expand these types of services/ideas instead of bringing additional automobiles into our City. These parking structures would serve the opposite effect of what we need and what the residents want and deserve in Laguna Beach. 

The two South Laguna parking structures and the proposed Third Street parking structure would assuredly produce severe negative repercussions for Laguna Beach residents. I ask all City Council members to be advocates for the residents and not fall into line with the unsound, defective proposals currently being circulated and put forth.

Claude Morgan, Laguna Beach

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  1. I’ll pass along a message from Professor Donald Shoup at UCLA: ” The cost per parking space will be more than the (new purchase price) of any vehicle parked there.” More auto infrastructure is not the solution to parking, traffic congestion and city revenue in 2023 Laguna Beach. The solution is transit infrastructure afforded by COMPLETE STREETS POLICY the City could adopt.


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