Letter: Regarding Musings on the Coast


Could Michael Ray find something positive to say in his columns? He has more than exhausted the Village Laguna theme. He and his family are wealthy developers, and that is his perspective. There are a lot of people who find his attitude of knowing what’s best for Laguna condescending and self-centered. Just as his articles are. Please just stop!

Cheryl Michelon, Laguna Beach

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  1. Ms. Michelon, perhaps you are not reading all my columns. In the last many months, I’ve written about Art Spaces Irvine (a non-profit) which activities lead to the creation of The Discovery Cube, which my brother Walkie founded and which I financed, raised monies, and so on. Prior to that, I wrote about the School of the Arts in Santa Ana, for which I raised $20 million from the State of California in a low-cost loan, and about which I intend to write more. Prior to that, I wrote about the creation of Sage Hill School, of which I was one of the Founders—in addition writing two columns about its Girls Basketball team and how, this year, they won State Championship (despite much of the team being killed in the helicopter crash that killed Kobe). Prior to that, I wrote about Founding and Chairing The Democratic Foundation of Orange County, which we created when there were zero elected partisan Democrats in Orange County—and in the last four months, have hosted four fund-raisers for Democratic candidates including Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris, State Senator Tom Umberg, and so on, and am scheduled to host five more before November. In the future, I shall write about The Great Park, which saved Laguna from having an international airport in its backyard—and I was Chair of The Great Park Conservancy. And more. To put it mildly, I am heavily involved in a host of non-profit which measurably have improved this County.

    You say my point of view is one of a ‘Developer’ which you automatically assume is evil. I would say the instead of that, you might take the time to ask yourself: what have YOU done for this County?


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