Letter: Relax and Enjoy the Parade


As a long-time resident of Laguna Beach, I might be able to shed some light and humor as to two articles in this week’s edition.

Dave Weinstein to our North queries as to the fractious feud between the Village and Liberate camps. I see them as useful in that their fratricide prevents either group from doing too much damage. Stand back from their food fights, relax.

As for Chris Catsimanes’ comments about Peter Blake’s vitriol, again, relax. Toni Iseman was voted in by otherwise thoughtful people. They may have forgotten the goat schmutz with “foreign” seeds, and the proposal to spay and neuter sea lions. I’ve met her a few times, she may be silly sometimes but she’s a gracious and sweet woman and truly means no harm in this world. I would caution Peter to take a chill pill, choose better words. We’ve all had silly people in office to deal with. That crazy lady from San Francisco (I need not name her) was after all voted for and placed in authority, we are to believe fairly! And the guy with blonde comb-over locks too was voted into office. In the end, it matters little. It’s just the passing parade, folks.

Soon will come the quiet.

Matt Smith, Laguna Beach

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