Letter: Replace Gelson’s with Stater Bros


It was good to see our Laguna Beach Mayor Sue Kempf show some concern about the fact that Gelson’s market in South Laguna is closing on March 2. T

hey say the market is leased from the Aliso Creek Plaza landlords. The City Council is responsible for the general welfare of our city residents. 

They should encourage the leasing of the market to a new fair-pricing operator. So between Trader Joe’s north of us and Crown Valley Parkway, we have two premium-priced stores, Vons and Wholefoods and one fairly priced store, — Ralphs.

Some hope Gelson’s is replaced with a Stater Bros.; others have a favorite grocery store they would like to see open. The 72-plus seniors in the Vista Aliso apartments across from Gelson’s have depended on the store as a lifeline, even though it is “pricey” because some use walkers to cross the street walking, and many others have no car. Let’s hope a fair-priced operator comes soon.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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  1. Bristol Farms Irvine Spectrum closed in January 24′ after just 2 years. They were as expensive as Gelsons, both the 2 high end stores closing says something no doubt..

    My first thought was our town isn’t big enough to support 4 grocery store. But it is and that’s not why Gelson’s closed they were just expensive.

    The deli and meats at Gelsons and Bristol Farms were definitely a class better the Ralphs ands Pavilions.. Food is expensive and it all should be at those standards..

    I can think of 2 chains that have been opening up new stores Sprouts and Amazon Fresh.. I have a feeling it will be Amazon Fresh..

    They can handle ups and downs and want to take over the world anyways, i have a feeling that’s who it will be..


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