Letter: Sneaky little postcards


I was saddened but not shocked to learn that our city government isn’t making much progress on improvements to either the transparency or courtesy fronts.

Specifically, I’m referring to the postcard sent to residents in the Woods Cove undergrounding assessment district. I do not live in that district, but if the city was trying to agitate homeowners further there who are wondering why the city isn’t picking up more of the tab – particularly for Glenneyre, which is most certainly a PCH alternate route – that flimsy little postcard with teeny tiny type, poor design, ridiculous explanations and to top it off a QR code (Everyone knows how to use those, right? Especially seniors.) then mission accomplished.

Could someone at the city have the courtesy to draft an actual letter summarizing the 20-page assessment and mail it out in an envelope so it looked more official and less like a timeshare offer scam?

I’m not sure what else the city may be planning, but I’ll now keep an eye out for flimsy postcards. Sneaky little things.

Pat Lockwood, Laguna Beach

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  1. This is nothing more than a City scam to pawn off the cost of “INFRASTRUCTURE” improvements being pushed by a tiny select group of people with a personal agenda and a loud voice.
    This is a “LAGUNA BEACH” infrastructure upgrade NOT a Woods Cove upgrade.
    PG&E is almost bankrupt from the Northern California Fires caused by down power lines.
    The Laguna Beach 1993 fires claimed 366 homes and 16,000 acres. one of the most costly fires to ever hit California.
    Why is the tiny neighborhood of Woods Cove responsible for infrastructure improvements and the upgrading of SoCal Edison equipment?
    What do our taxes go for if it is not for roads, power and water?
    I feel community pools, gardens and new offices for city employees should be a distant 2nd to the upgrading of our power system.


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