Letter: What truly constitutes fairness?


In the heart of Woods Cove, a critical decision is unfolding – the formation of an assessment district for the undergrounding of utilities. Ballots have been dispatched to parcel owners, each bestowed with the responsibility of evaluating the assessment on their property and making a resounding choice: Yes, to unite in the creation of this district, or No, to dissent.

However, let’s be unequivocal: Only those ballots that find their way back to the city will have their voices heard and counted. The final verdict will only emerge from those ballots received at the concluding council meeting, where Yes and No assessment totals will clash in a battle of numbers, with the victor determined by the highest tally.

Yes, proponents insist that contributing to this assessment district is a “civic duty,” emphasizing the need to fund the undergrounding of utilities. For some, this resonates as just, but for others, it feels like an imposition by their proponent-majority neighbors. To those dissenters, the message from proponents is clear: it’s simply the way the statute operates.

Perhaps it’s time for proponents to truly understand the underlying unfairness of this statute. What if every supporter of this district had to bear the burden of assessments for every “no” vote? It’s a thought-provoking notion. Proponents champion the $15 million cost of undergrounding Woods Cove as a great deal and a “civic duty.” But if $7.5 million is the cost to secure approval, why not shoulder the entire $15 million burden? Or, could it be that such a proposition seems unjust when considering the prospect of No-vote neighbors compelling Yes-vote neighbors to shoulder the entire financial load?

The question of fairness looms large in the Woods Cove balloting process. It’s high time for a candid conversation about what truly constitutes fairness in our community.

J.T. Price, Laguna Beach 

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  1. PT, there’s nothing thought-provoking about your LTE.. Your comments simply define logic.

    I hate to tell you this, but the only ballots that count in an election are the ones that are received. You’re acting like this is novel. It’s not novel, it’s been going on since the beginning of time. I’m not sure why you seem to be making an issue out of it.

    There’s 380 homes in Woods Cove, underground neighborhood. Yet only two people seem to be spewing inaccurate information in an effort to sway others votes. The rest of the community has seen, fit to make up their own minds and help neighbors with resources to gather information if they need it.

    What I also find surprising is that you have gone on the next-door platform stating that you believe everyone of the community should pay for your underground. The response to you has been clear however that seems to have gone right over your head. Many people have already paid for their own and they’re certainly not going to pay for yours.

    We get you don’t want to do it that’s fine vote no. But please allow others to make up their own mind.

    Thank you.


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