Letter: Why is Protect and Keep Laguna Local against Measure S?


In the past several weeks, I’ve received 15 pieces of stuff from the special interest group calling itself Protect and Keep Laguna Local (PAKLL). PAKLL tells us it is opposed to Measure S. PAKLL though its stuff lists its reasons why it opposes Measure S. After reading through all that stuff in one exhausting sit-down, some questions about what that stuff was talking about came to mind.

Measure S would amend the Laguna Municipal Code to create: 1. An $18 an hour minimum wage for hotel workers including a $1 an hour raise ever year for the next four years, 2. Protect hotel workers, for example via a panic button, from hotel patrons who might do harm to the worker, 3. Direct Laguna Beach City to write rules to legalize one and two above, and 4. Authorize Laguna Beach to enforce the rules. That’s it. 

PAKLL tells us, all the hotel owners in Laguna Beach take good care of their “hospitality” workers and Measure S is not needed. PAKLL says it pays all of its workers $18 per hour. PAKLL claims all of its workers have panic buttons. 

PAKLL then goes on to tell us that if Measure S passes, all the hotel workers would have to pay over $1,000.00 in union dues yearly. Additionally, hotel workers could not work overtime. Then PAKLL says Measure S is all about illegal ballot harvesting! Holy Blowing Smoke Batman! Finally, according to PAKLL, outside agitators from that far-away foreign place known cryptically as L.A. will infiltrate and overthrow Laguna Beach. 

Let’s get real. If all the hotels in Laguna Beach actually pay their workers $18 per hour, then why is PAKLL opposed to Measure S for doing what Laguna would codify? Why is PAKLL opposed to Measure S, which would codify worker protection if PAKLL is already providing panic buttons to its workers? The proposed ordinance does it not say workers would be forced to pay union dues. Measure S is not a union contract! Nowhere in the ordinance does it say workers could not voluntarily work overtime. 

Finally, PAKLL screams to high heaven about trouble-making outside agitators. But somehow PAKLL, trouble-making outside agitator from L.A. County, lying through its teeth about Measure S is okay. Yeah right!

Tyrone Borelli, Laguna Beach

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  1. The Laguna Beach Firefighters’ Association (Local 3684) represents the 37 full-time, professional firefighters and paramedics who protect the residents and visitors of the City of Laguna Beach. The Laguna Beach Police Employees’ Association is a professional labor organization representing approximately 72 police department employees ranging from police sergeant to records clerk.

    Aren’t all of Laguna’s employee “Associations” actually unions negotiating employment contracts with the City?

  2. Vote YES On S!
    The big owners of the hotel industry here in Laguna proclaim they they ALREADY provide everything that the local union workers want while endlessly cleaning the rooms of the vacationing rich, so THEY should also go ahead and vote YES On S too, right?

    The glossy fliers that say protect Laguna is such balderdash-they’re trying to protect their HUGE profits and not pay or protect their workers.

    Imagine if the workers of these fines establishment just didn’t show up to work one day…..


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