Levine Tops Against Dana Hills

From left, Jake Levine, Cam Wilson and Jett North.
From left, Jake Levine, Cam Wilson and Jett North.

With three to five foot waves and light offshore winds, the Laguna Beach High School surf team found some standout individual rides against the Dana Hills team at Salt Creek on Thursday, Oct. 8.

Jake Levine was in the final heat of the day and scored the major win with a beautiful display of surfing on his forehand. In the opening heat Travis Booth pulled off some nice long rides to take a strong second. Jeremy Shutts picked off one of the days best rides, finishing nicely with an extremely close second.

That heat was the team’s only overall points heat win with Nate Madigan taking third and Dante Madrigal with a fourth despite an interference call. Meanwhile Trey Lockhart looked very impressive once again and picked up another solid second place.

In shortboard, Kayla Coscino finished in second and in girls longboard walking her board, Lola Fisher took third.

Boys bodyboard saw Dylan Shreyer find the barrel and score a third, while Cole Fink was close behind and finished in fourth.

Ryan Meisberger competed hard and looked good in longboard, ending with close scores to finish fourth.

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