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Juniors Win in Marathon Slugfest

By Shelley Detweiler, Special LBLL Correspondent

Playing into the late hours of March 26, the Little League team Laguna Five-O battled for more than three hours against central Irvine’s Stanford, winning 29-13.

Laguna started strong with seven runs in the first inning. First baseman Anton Faicchio kept busy the bottom of the second making two unassisted outs.

Julian Bridy started off the fourth. Michael Bacino then scored on a hit by Mason Pitz. Brett Tracy hit an in-the-park grand slam bringing home teammates Colby Pratt, Carter Monacell, and Mason Pitz before crossing home himself. Despite cool conditions, the Laguna crowd went wild!

Strong hitting continued with a double by Ian Detweiler and two more by Tracy.

Highlights of the evening included strong pitching performances from Brett Tracy, Kenji Lee, Andrew Kimball and John Ogden. Defensively, Kimball held Stanford scoreless in the first inning. In the fifth, Irvine’s defense was on and Davis Price earned the only run for Laguna. Irvine fought back to earn five more runs in the fifth when the score was 17-11 in Laguna’s favor.

Laguna added 11 runs with 17 at bat in the seventh inning. Big hits were recorded by Detweiler, Dean Hodes, Ogden, Bridy, Monacell, Tracy and Faicchio. Every Laguna player crossed home plate.

Previously, Laguna Five-0 trounced Irvine’s Trojans 8-5 at Alta Laguna Park on March 18.

Majors Division: VFW Defeats Hobie 12-6

By Jennifer Sweet, Special LBLL Correspondent

VFW defeated Hobie 12-6 last Thursday night at Riddle Field after a rain delay.

Will Ross started off pitching for Hobie and did not allow any runs.  Jeffery Bruyntjens relieved Ross, keeping VFW scoreless through the fourth inning.  VFW scored only one run in the fifth when Jonah Reynolds stole home.  With Jack Loechner on the mound, VFW gave up four runs; Bruyntjens hit a double to bring home Jordan Leppo, Jack Raffo and Leppo hit singles to bring in Zack Washer and Colton Bryant; Will Ross hit a home run.

At the top of the sixth, VFW’s Aaron Sweet hit a pop up causght by the second baseman, Billy Howie hit a double, Loechner hit a single and Cole Paxon walked to load the bases. The next batter struck out but Jack Dickenson hit a single to bring home Howie, followed by hits from Dexter Russo, Jonah Reynolds, Jack Dicherson, Conner Brashier, Aaron Sweet and Jack Loechner to solidify the lead.

Cole Paxon and Brandon Marquez finished pitching for VFW.


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