New Topics, Challenges in Coffee Break’s Future


By Kate Rogers, Special to the Independent

 Coffee Break, part of the Laguna Beach PTA Council’s parent education program, plans sessions next year on nutrition, critical thinking skills, and raising children to be achievers.

Coffee Break presentations provide an opportunity for parents, school personnel and community members to hear from professional speakers about a host of timely topics related to parenting. It also promotes community-wide discussion of issues relevant to parents of school-age children and helps sustain the “village” it takes to raise our children!

This year, under the new leadership of Cindy Newman-Jacobs and Debbie Naude, Coffee Break created a website, that includes archives of most of the presentations and summary write-ups as well. A Facebook page and online user survey help keep the community informed in a responsible, green way.

Even so, Coffee Break faces a significant reduction in underwriting and promoters are looking for ways in maintain the program, possibly by raising fees and exploring alternative venues that may be able to help cut costs. When school resumes, parents will be invited to make an additional donation to Coffee Break when writing checks for yearbooks and emergency preparedness. Contributions will help ensure that the program continues to schedule knowledgeable professionals.

Finally, organizers apologize for the inadequate space provided for the year’s last speaker, Mike Riera, Ph.D. A video of the presentation is available at 

Kate Rogers in a Laguna Beach parent.

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