One of the Best Italian Restaurants in Orange County


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“When something is so good why put a limit on it?” says Chef Pirozzi, the owner of the renowned and one of the best Italian restaurants in Orange County which offers delicious Italian cuisines that will make you crave for more!

If you’re up for an authentic Italian cuisine, head to Alessa by Chef Pirozzi, where you’ll find homemade pasta and other dishes made with the freshest and finest ingredients.

“[It] is very flavorful, melts in your mouth … (and] it tastes like a first date kiss that you will surely crave,” Pirozzi says. One of their best sellers is the Zucca Ravioli, which uses a recipe from chef-owner Alessandro Pirozzi’s grandmother and uncle, a well-known Italian chef. It’s made with house-made organic butternut squash ravioli, ricotta filling, a brown butter sage sauce, and amaretto almond cookie crumbs on top, and it’s available even after autumn has passed.

Chef Pirozzi has two restaurant locations in Laguna Beach, each with engaging staff and modern Italian flavor. All the menu features authentic Italian dishes with his own variations including house-made pasta and charcuterie. His dining room is home to regular and local guests who come to enjoy a glass of wine, amazing food, and good conversation.


Born in Naples, Italy, Chef Alessandro Pirozzi was the youngest of four children and the only boy who grew up in a house full of girls, a constant challenge but fortunately for him, whenever the girls were picking on little Alessandro, his grandmother, Nonna Ida, would rescue him and take him into the safety of her kitchen to help prepare dinner.

The kitchen became his sanctuary. He fell in love with the different aromas, the flavors, and learning the traditional techniques of preparing fresh homemade pasta. It was here that he learned the many family secret recipes and began his journey to become a certified Italian chef.

As an accomplished and award-winning chef, Chef Alessandro Pirozzi established a culinary collection including Alessa and Salerno which both has an inviting atmosphere and artfully crafted Italian food which is already a downtown staple that provides an incomparable service to its customers!


Alessa by Chef Pirozzi
234 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach

Salerno by Alessa
220 Beach St, Laguna Beach

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  1. Did you happen to read the Yelp reviews for this place? 3.5 stars. Not sure how much they payed you to write a good review but it’s pretty sad you’re recommending something subpar to your readers. Shame on you, and if you don’t understand what good food is then don’t write about it. This place clearly has issues for a large amount of people who dine there. Maybe you should try eating at a well reviewed Italian restaurant like Felix or bestia in LA. The massive difference in quality compared to alessa is well worth the drive. I would even say worth walking there barefoot from Laguna to get food that is actually worth the price. If you think the food at alessa is good then you have no business writing food or restaurant reviews. Absolute garbage, and again shame on you.

  2. I have eaten at both and they don’t compare with the mid level Italian eateries of LA. I’ve never had a good Italian meal in Laguna. I grew up in Europe then moved to south Louisiana where food is the culture. Gas stations have better cuisine in NO than these poor excuses for Italian. That is the truth of the matter

  3. Its all about perspective, personally I will never eat at Bestia again, for me the food there is not what I expected and the location and all LA vibe is eww, Alessa is one of the favorites in OC and Laguna Beach, as I said its all about perspective and preferences. Ciao


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