Original School Colors on the Sidelines


One of the unifying traditions of team sports at high schools and colleges are the old school colors. Laguna is in their 80th sports season this year and many alumni will be surprised to see the old maroon and white not honored by this year’s sports teams.

It doesn’t appear that Laguna Beach High School has a written policy for the color of school team uniforms, according to Principal Joanne Culverhouse and Athletic Director Mike Churchill. “There is no CIF, state or national requirement other than dark color at home and light color away,” Churchill said. “There are now some restrictions on stripes but that is it. Coaches (some coaches) use gold or silver as a neutral color,” he said.

So anything seems to go in 2013.

Breakers sported a new look in their opening football game. Photo by Doug Landrum.
Breakers sported a new look in their opening football game. Photo by Doug Landrum.

In football, the 2013 team took the field with maroon tops and gold pants, looking more like lost players from rival Estancia. The cheer squad outfits are white with maroon and gold accents, reminding me of my high school colors at Menlo-Atherton, maroon and gold.

In girls volleyball this season, the outfits are blue with maroon numbers outlined in white.  From a distance, you might think the squad was from Beckman and not Laguna. I haven’t checked boy’s water polo to see if they’ve dropped their maroon and white caps for blue or gold.

Still to come will be basketball, soccer and spring sports.

Back in the early years of the school, maroon was a difficult color to obtain. The first football uniforms in 1934 were white jerseys, khaki pants, shoulder guards and black and tan headgear.

Check Asics, Nike or any other major athletic uniform site and a variety of maroon and white uniforms are available for all sports. The color choice may well be due to the success of college teams that wear the same color combination with Texas A & M.


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