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Drone Operators Protest No-Fly Zones

Wallenberg joined a handful of commercially licensed drone pilots this past Tuesday, March 7, who successfully pressed the Laguna Beach City Council to do more research before imposing restrictions on drone operators.

Volunteer Superstar Receives Her Due

Bree Burgess Rosen vividly remembers an encounter during a walk on Main Beach that occurred not long after she moved to town 30 years ago. She met Sande St. John, who was handing out sandwiches to homeless people.

Felder Strikes a Political Chord in ‘Tchaikovsky’

From Chopin to Beethoven, Bernstein to Gershwin, actor, playwright and musician Hershey Felder has through brilliant impersonations, replete with accents, a gamut of idiosyncrasies and streams of narrative brought back to life composers on the Laguna Playhouse stage. Now he has...


More Rhythms Play Out in Class

Submitted by Schoolpower, Special to the Independent A full orchestra can readily be envisioned in the sound of vibrating strings now playing in all four Laguna Beach public schools, where more music classes have been added this year to the curriculum. On a recent morning, the...

Dance Students Stage ‘Infinite’

The curtain goes up for the high school dance department’s winter concert, “Infinite,” with 7:30 p.m. performances Friday and Saturday, Dec. 13 and 14 at the Artists’ Theatre. The pounding beats, lyrical melodies and the graceful movements of 40 hard-working dancers who have been...

No Child Left Offline

Classrooms in Laguna Beach schools are evolving with the simultaneous use of multiple electronic devices. SchoolPower, the locally based nonprofit that supports public schools, donated $150,000 towards the recent wireless technology initiative, which the district matched with...


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Racism in Paradise

Editor, I am writing in response to the letter published by the Laguna Beach Independent on Feb. 10, written by the parents of some of the kids responsible for the recent racist attack on Vasco. By now, most folks know about the incident. I want to talk here about racism and how...

Apology Falls Short

Editor: Regarding the parents’ letter to the community about their sons’ racist actions, I think they need to learn the definition of apology before trying to make one. An apology is an expression of remorse and regret, not an opportunity to diminish responsibility. It was...

What Would Dr. C Do?

Failure of local leaders to manage meaningful civic response to race and violence related social issues on and off our high school campus left community narrative to media. School and city officials cited privacy rights, but anti-social behavior in our public streets and schools...