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Tuning Up a Cherished Scout Tradition

By Justin Swanson | LB Indy   Garbed in uniforms made of blue shorts and shirts and tied off with yellow kerchiefs, topped with blue caps, a pack of cub scouts encircled an assembled race track running from one end of the room to the other, swarming the finish line, whooping...

Community Datebook 2/22/13

Boutique Benefits Gathering Inventory Boutique Benefit is holding its next drop-off on Saturday, Feb. 23 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Laguna Presbyterian Church, 415 Forest Ave. Organizers are accepting donations of quality clothing and accessories to be sold in May. Proceeds...

Surgery Center Deal Sewn Up

Physicians involved with six hospitals in the region announced a plan to develop out-patient surgery centers in Orange and Los Angeles counties in a venture with an Alabama company that operates 150 such centers nationwide. Newly established Beach Surgical Holdings, LLC, is owned...



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Whalen’s Electioneering Bids for GOP Voters

Editor, As Election Day approaches and with absentee voters already casting their ballots, I strongly urge all Laguna Beach residents to vote in the non-partisan City Council race for the candidate rather than for party affiliation. That said, I understand party affiliation...

Endorsing Whalen

Editor, Three qualities about Bob Whalen set him apart from the other fine City Council candidates — any one of these qualities alone would be enough to garner my vote. First, Whalen has worked as a public finance attorney for 30 years, giving him incredible insight into...

Showdown Coming for SHO

Editor, Re: “Where’s the Fire?” Local Currents, Oct. 12 letters. This once again is David Vanderveen at his best, nailing truth about the proposed Social Host Ordinance (SHO) to a post in the public commons. I agree with David 100% and urge everyone to sign the petition asking...