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I wish to respond to the letter sent in by Mr. Jaeger, brief though it was. To begin with a sideways swipe at the “climate change cultists” is an irrelevant red herring, but it does serve to illuminate the avenue chosen by Mr. Jaeger. We can safely ignore paragraph one.

Paragraph two serves up a straw man as he overstates the concerns of the “Panic Demic” believers. The attempt here is to neutralize reasonable concerns by reductio ad absurdum. Clearly, only silly people are “petrified”.

In paragraph three, Mr. Jaeger illuminates us: “I’m quite sure that nobody can prove all this panicking has reduced the number of fatalities…” Mr. Jaeger fails to let his readers know from which university he received his advanced degree in epidemiology. He is right, however; one can never prove or disprove a negative. All we are left with, silly or not, is to follow the science and the suggestions made by logical scientific inquiry as to the safe way of responding to a new virus that has recently made the jump from animals to humans for which no one on the planet has any pre-existing immunity.

One last point. I hazard the guess that Mr. Jaeger is at the front of the crowd that loudly proclaims that the government has no right to tell me what I can and cannot do. Clearly, many people were asleep during sixth grade civics classes, but one would hope that they were paying attention to their parents.

OK, buckle up!

America is not the land of the free. America is the land of the free and every person living in a democratic republic such as ours has a responsibility to everyone else living in that society. You are free to live as you wish, as long as you are not limiting someone else from doing the same thing. The way that plays out during a pandemic is this: if you’re doing something that endangers others, guess what. You don’t get to do it.

Mr. Jaeger, heads up. No, not petrified, but if you are not concerned you simply need to read more and write less. COVID-19 kills young, old and people in between. Unlike the flu it kills by attacking the lungs, kidneys, heart, intestines and brain by creating micro clots throughout the body leading to strokes, heart attacks. And it’s not going to simply disappear.

Mike Arrajj, Laguna Beach

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    Mr. Arrajj, you hazard not “one guess” but many. Under your pretense of intellectualism, scientific acumen, and unsurpassed debating skills and rationality, commonly practiced by Leftists everywhere, you make numerous errors in your excessively long letter which does nothing but attack me.
    1. The hypocrisy of climate change cultists continues to cost America and the world trillions of dollars needlessly.
    2. In this regard, climate change is exactly like the Panic Demic – both costly hoaxes.
    3. Many medical doctors have stated that this is truly a Panic Demic.
    4. “Experts” express opposing opinions all the time, in climate change fanticism, in Covid 19 fanaticism, and the murdering of unborn innocent babies. Your failure to recognize the Fallacy of the Argument From Authority selectively chooses WHICH authority you want everyone to believe. Stay at home. Nobody is hurting you there except yourself.
    5. You put words in my mouth. I never said the government can’t tell me what to do. I stated that tyranny is government run amok, which is always the demand of you Leftists – more government, less freedom, more power to YOUR party, of slavery, of abortion, of transgender insanity, of condescension and supreme arrogance.
    6. It should come as no surprise that the top ten states with the highest rate of Covid deaths are all blue, like Mike Arrajj.


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