All Roads Lead to … ‘No Parking’

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Jeannie Richardson with two of her 15 No Parking signs.
Jeannie Richardson with two of her 15 No Parking signs.

The poster-sized sign printed on vinyl looks like an eye chart from an optometrist’s office. In increasingly smaller letters it reads, “Visualize being towed.” Another one reads, “No Parking-No Kidding”.

Jeannie Richardson has produced 15 different signs, some elegant and some funny. All are created to be fun, colorful and carry a pointed message, and will not be easily confused with official city signage.

Prompted by the observation that Laguna now lacks an “off season” and citing parking problems in every neighborhood, the South Laguna resident devised the eye-catching signs as an alternative to the boring hardware store variety, which she says people ignore anyway.

“I’ve thought about this for many years and have finally executed my idea and I think it’s perfect for the residents of Laguna Beach,” she said, noting that the signs provided a creative outlet to counter her workaday life. For 27 years, she’s managed accounts receivable for the street wear clothing brand Stussy, based in Irvine.

Richardson lives on a private street, which is not subject to many standard parking regulations or enforcement. Some beachgoers thoughtfully ask permission to leave their vehicle in front of her house, but others block her mailbox and front gate, making it impossible to get in or out.

She is not alone in her frustration or lack of recourse. In all, there are 69 private streets in South Laguna and another 94 in the rest of the town, according to the police department.

Jim Beres, the department’s civilian services supervisor, says that “generally the city does not issue parking citations on private streets since most parking regulations of the California Vehicle Code and the Laguna Beach Municipal Code do not apply to private streets.” However if a sidewalk, driveway or roadway is blocked by a parked car, the police department can tow it.

The signs cost $25 and may be purchased directly from Richardson ([email protected]) They are printed in Irvine and custom orders are possible.

Richardson plans to sell them at the Dana Point farmer’s market and online at Etsy and Shopify. Future signs may include “private street” and “leave no trace,” a U.S. Forest Service concept that is increasingly necessary on all public lands, but one equally well-suited to tourist-invaded neighborhoods.




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  1. Thank you Donna, Andrea and everyone at The Indy!! I’m thrilled that the residents of Laguna Beach now have a fun, colorful and creative choice in the ever increasing parking situation. And these are PERFECT for our artistic community. THANK YOU!

  2. So that’s what you’ve been up to! What a great idea to deal with this increasing problem. I love that you used humor to get the point across. It’s way more effective. I always tell people to leave their attitude at the Canyon or they just won’t have a good time in Laguna

  3. Wow, it must be so hard for you to have tourists invade your street parking to access public beaches in the most touristic town in Orange county. Where will you park your Mercedes when your art studio takes up all your garage space?

  4. Lack of recourse?

    ”if a sidewalk, driveway or roadway is blocked by a parked car, the police department can tow it”

    I see these signs and residents put them up in front of public parking spots.


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