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1 scholarship Ebell Award Winners and Presenters June 2013
Ebell Club Scholarship recipients, from left; Jared Boetes, Alia Manetta, Michelle Brown and Morgan Lebby.

The Laguna Beach High School Scholarship Foundation is already hard at work to make this a most rewarding year for LBHS seniors, welcoming four new donors thus far.

Having awarded over 270 scholarships totaling $328,955 to 107 LBHS 2013 graduating seniors last June, foundation leaders are excited for the new school year and have already begun reaching out to students.

The foundation is led by Kerry Rubel and board members Mark Powell, Bob Earl and Gwen Myers. Lynn Gregory works as the high school’s scholarship coordinator.

“The generosity of the scholarship donors is remarkable,” Rubel said. “Laguna Beach is a unique community that supports its youth in many ways.  Giving to our graduates is one more opportunity to make a difference.”

More than 60 years ago, the Ebell Club awarded the first merit scholarship at Laguna Beach High School.  Since then the scholarship program has helped countless graduates to pursue their future goals and has grown through the combined efforts of the LBHS staff and over 30 foundation directors.

Scholarships come from the generous contributions of community organizations, bequests and memorial funds and support the pursuits of students in the arts, athletics, service, leadership and more.

For more info visit or contact Lynn Gregory at (949) 497-7750 ext. 1212 or [email protected] .


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