Schools Partner with Boys & Girls Club


Staff from Laguna’s Boys & Girls Club is helping foster social skills in students during lunchtime at the district’s elementary and middle schools, according to a district statement.

These efforts aim to help students develop connections with their peers and adults on campus by involving them in small group activities such as board games and sports, an alternative to large sports activities, elementary school counselor Jami Parsons said. “When we surveyed the students recently about their reactions to this new program at both elementary sites, the overall reaction was very positive,” she said.

Club Executive Director Pamela Estes said, “Every young person can benefit from having positive role models and mentors in their lives. Our youth development professionals are providing just that through consistent guidance and engaging kids in fun, high yield learning activities everyday at lunchtime.”

Irene White, the district’s director of special education, said,  “As we know, children hone their social skills whenever they have opportunities to play together. However, kids need more than just free time to master these essential skills. Our children need guidance about which social behaviors are appropriate on and off the school playground. “

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