Security upgrades on tap for Laguna Beach City Hall and public works office

Signs outside Laguna Beach City Hall direct visitors to check-in at the Council Chambers amid a COVID-19 case surge. Photo by Daniel Langhorne

In the wake of a shooting that killed four people at a family-run business in Orange, Laguna Beach approved spending up to $185,000 on Tuesday to install keycard door access and additional security cameras at city hall, the police department, and public works department at 479 Ocean Ave.

City staffers published a request for proposals from security companies last December and have been reviewing bids since late January. Am-Tec Security & Network Solutions was selected from two qualified bids. The company has previously worked for Manhattan Beach, La Verne, and Chino, which shared positive reviews with Laguna Beach staffers,

“Certainly with all the things we read about in the newspaper security is really essential,” Mayor Bob Whalen said. “I’m really glad staff has undertaken this effort with the Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center. I think it will make us safer and make our staff safer.”

The security upgrades include 23 cameras inside and outside the buildings, as well as 37 keycard door locks, according to a staff report.

Laguna Beach Police Department and city staff have studied possible security enhancements since 2019, according to a staff report. The Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center, a federally-supported arm of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, offered its expertise on how to improve security at Laguna Beach’s city offices.

The approved budget includes a $17,000 contingency to plan for unforeseen expenses and potentially adding two-factor identification, which includes key-code entry, for some doors.

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