She’s Expert at Brushing Away Dental Fears


Laguna Beach dentist Dr. Elli Abtahi and her staff visited both Boys & Girls Club locations in Laguna recently to demonstrate proper dental health care.

At each location, the dentist and her staff were met by 40 to 50 children, from preschoolers to sixth-graders, eager to learn about how to properly care for their teeth.

The students learned brushing techniques and a brushing song sung to the tune of “Row-Row-Row Your Boat!”

Dr. Abtahi’s presentation included pictures of silly animals brushing their teeth, and games about healthy foods vs. junk foods. She even brought a soda soaked egg to mimic the effects it has on their teeth when they don’t brush. “Ooooooo!” was the consensus from both students and staff as assistant Dee Dee Price brushed the “cavity bugs” off the egg!

“The kids love getting involved and always have so many great questions!” said Dr. Abtahi. “I truly love coming here to share dentistry with them. It’s important to get them going in the right direction at an early age and understanding how important good dental health is. So many adults have reservations about going to the dentist because they didn’t have a positive experience as a kid. We hope to help in eliminating that fear by demonstrating that dentists don’t need to be feared.”

She also handed out discount coupons to visit her office. For more info, contact Jodie at Dr. Elli’s office, (949) 497-6565.

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  1. O wow !! It feels great when such a reaction of people are seemed for dentistry.Dr.Dr. Elli Abtahi is truly doing great for the purpose.Treating children through being kid and making them understand the utility of dental hygiene is really tough as because kids are normally feel frighten going to a dentist.So,she is is making it possibel.Great job Elli.


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