Skateboarder Safety



The pro-skateboarding people can scream and stamp their feet all they want, and the one “mom” can even drag out inferences of anti-Semitism against those who disagree with her (“ ‘True Story’ author responds,” Letters, April 22), but one truth remains that every one of us adults just intuitively understands:

Skateboarding on public streets is inherently dangerous and in a skateboarder vs. automobile scenario the car will always win, and someone’s kid will be hurt.  Even if the car is parked.

If the parents of these kids don’t have the maturity and parental responsibility to protect their children on public streets then, like seat-belt laws, society will intercede.

James Dorf, Laguna Beach


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  1. Well, Mr Dorf, it has been deemed inherently dangerous and downright fatal to be a pedestrian in this town. Let’s have all of the crosswalks banned, because in a pedestrian vs. automobile scenario the car will always win, and someone’s kid, mother, parent, teacher, etc etc will be hurt. And while we’re on the subject, we’d better ban bicycles and motorcycles while we’re at it, God knows they are no match for automobiles either. So drivers, speed on! Stay on those cell phones and drive as wildly as you want. Own the dang roads, cuz James Dorf says you should!


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