Skimmers Tested by Sizeable Waves

Laguna local Travis Simpson on his way to second place in the advanced division in the March 12 contest at West Street. He won the division at last Saturday's contest at Balboa Pier. Photos by Diane Edmonds,

A seabreeze and small waves were forecast for the final stop in the Green Eggs and Am skim boarding contest at the Balboa Pier on Saturday, March 19.

At the previous weekend’s contest at Laguna Beach’s West Street, the second stop in the three-contest annual series, conditions were challenging, with a strong west-northwest swell. Bob Haas, Travis Sampson and David Sterman took the top division.

The first contest in the trifecta took place earlier this month also in Laguna at Ninth Street Beach, with Tyler Cruickshank, Sampson and Johnny Salta the top winners in the advanced division.

David Sterman placed in the advanced division contest on March 12 at West Street Beach.

Local skim boarders Paulo Prietto and Steve Taylor organized the annual event three years ago to give skimmers other competitive outlets other than the annual Victoria contest.

March 19 contest results:


Loraxes (beginners):

1st- Lauren Thunen

2nd- Jeremy Shutts

3rd- Joey Bookout

4th- Dane Newton


Sneeches (intermediate):

1st- Lucas Smarker

2nd- Nefta Rosales

3rd- Grant Noble

4th- Max Bourne


Grinches (advanced):

1st- Travis Sampson

2nd- Matt Haas

3rd- Ken Suzuki

4th- Wyatt Kirkland


March 12 contest results:

Loraxes (beginners)

1. Jake Levine

2. Travis Williams

3. Vince Navarro

Sneeches (intermediate)

1. Derek Ledesma

The Grinch crew in the final Green Eggs and Am event the previous Saturday, March 19. Photo by Brian Doyle, Main Street Surf Shop.

2. Max Bourne

3. Jared Green

Grinches (advanced)

1. Bob ‘Big Tuna’ Haas

2. Travis Sampson

3. David Sterman


Green Eggs & Am 2011: West St. (Stop 2) from Paulo Prietto on Vimeo.



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