Students Claim a Spot in History

From left, Gloria Padach, teacher Sarah Wolsey, Kyla Whitlock, Thomas Garcia, Principal Ron LaMotte, Austin Hanlin, teacher Susan Dick, Kelly Keller, Chantal Carter, teacher Teryl Campbell, Jack Raffo, Garett Tyler, Clay Zarinelli and teacher Rosie Haynes.

 The Patience Wright Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution awarded eight fifth-grade students from Top of the World Elementary medals and certificates for excellence in American history this week, the first year the local chapter has made awards after a 20-year absence.

 Principal Ron LaMotte opened the assembly at Top of the World Elementary by introducing Gloria Padach, responsible for reinstating the awards and a member of DAR for 32 years.

Padach reminded students, “history is not only the American Revolution but it is the Civil War, and other wars and what is going on overseas now. Each of us also makes history every day of our lives.  Perhaps some of you will end up in the history books of the future.” 

Padach, assisted by Pat Carpenter, presented each student with a bronze medal on a tri-color ribbon and a certificate.

The following students received recognition: Thomas Garcia and Kyla Whitlock of Sarah Wolsey’s class; Austin Hanlin and Kelly Keller of Susan Dick’s class; Chantal Carter and Jack Raffo of Teryl Campbell’s class; and Garrett Tyler and Clay Zarinelli of Rosie Haynes’ class.

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