Surf Team Closes Season


The Laguna Beach High School surf team competed against several schools in different divisions in the Scholastic Surf Series high school state championships in Oceanside Sunday, April 17.

Two team members also competed in the individual high school state competition on Monday, April 18. Kayla Coscino came close to the win, eventually taking second overall in girls shortboard. Jake Levine scored well, taking fifth overall in boys shortboard.

The boys shortboard team put in some exceptional efforts against Half Moon Bay High School, eventually beating them and entering the next round. Unfortunately, there they would meet top seed San Clemente High School and would be eliminated for the day.

The girls shortboard team fought hard and won against Malibu High School in the first round, but would come unstuck later in the day against San Deguito and were eliminated by a one point margin.

Both boys and girls riding longboards had some close battles with Malibu High School and lost by small margins.


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