Survey Asks Students About Their Lives


In the coming weeks, public school students in grades 5, 7, 9 and 11 will be asked to anonymously take a revised California Healthy Kids Survey, which measures school climate and other factors.

As part of a revision, staff working with students in grades 5 through 12 will be surveyed and parents of students taking the test can also choose to participate in a parent survey. Data collected by the district will help staff address areas of vulnerability identified through the survey.

Students are surveyed about school related attitudes, behaviors, and experiences. It assesses school safety, violence and bullying as well as learning, engagement, performance, attendance and substance use. Other issues added by the district include alcohol and other drug use, school climate, resilience and after school activities.

“Getting the high school students to take the survey seriously is no easy task,” said Assistant Principal Bob Billinger. “I take a personal interest in making sure that our students understand the importance of responding honestly to the survey questions. I remind our students that it is their responsibility to provide the district with meaningful information that can be used to determine where the district should prioritize their efforts.”

The data gathered is critical in developing ongoing programs to help student success, said Irene White, director of special education and student services.

High school Principal Joanne Culverhouse encouraged students to accurately report their behaviors, school connectedness, and other risk factors that would assist administrators in improving the school environment.

Fifth grade teachers will disseminate parent consent forms for at the elementary schools. At the middle and high school, parent notifications will be made via email blasts, call outs and PTA meetings. All surveys are available for review at schools and the district office.

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