The Great Love Club celebrates Real-life Connections Through Kindness


New Laguna Beach social club unites community while supporting local creators and businesses

Khakdoust (right) and Kaily Burton celebrate Jaskrit Bhalla’s birthday after the Tuesday walk. Photo/Clara Beard

It’s 7 a.m. on a Tuesday. The sun’s barely had time to peek over the roofs of most Laguna Beach homes, but already, a lively and diverse group of about 20 are gathering on Catalina St., some coming from as far as Yorba Linda, to stroll the neighborhood together, engage in conversation and finish up with coffee at Laguna Coffee Company.

The Great Love Club – a social club for kind people. The simple message is the brainchild of Laguna Beach resident and realtor, Tifany Khakdoust, 34, who, back in March, felt the desire to create a space for anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background, to gather and enjoy real-life connections while walking Laguna neighborhoods. The concept spread quickly, and Khakdoust has since expanded to host several free club events a week, ranging from a Beach Club, Hike Club, Church Club, and even a Work Club, where people meet in a shared space to work on individual projects.

Khakdoust also collaborates with local business owners for standalone events, such as an upcoming Vision Board Manfistation Workshop on Oct. 2 and Healing Jewelry workshop on Oct. 15, many of whom she met after launching Walk Club.

Tifany Khakdoust (far left) leads the 7 a.m. Tuesday Walk Club on a 45-minute route she researches in advance. Photo/Clara Beard

“Everyone comes from different backgrounds and businesses, but we all work together,” Khakdoust said. “So, for example, if someone needs a copywriter, there’s someone in the group. An interior designer? There’s someone in the group. Connections are being made all the time. I already knew some, but most of them are people I’m meeting through the club, who have awesome, unique businesses that align with my values. And we’re like collaborating and throwing these cool workshops and events.”

Summer Muse, who drives from Huntington Beach regularly to attend Great Love Club events, said she discovered the group randomly while scrolling Instagram.

“It’s a pretty funny story,” Muse said. “I was in jury duty and scrolling on Instagram when I wasn’t supposed to be on my phone. I saw a magazine that featured my sound bath meditations and this walking club. I made a joke and thought it would be funny if I posted on my story, ‘hey, want to do a collab? Let’s do like a sound and stretch event together and then go walking. Tifany responded instantly, and we just hit it off. Now we’re friends with each other.”

Great Love Club’s founder Khakdoust chats with Laguna Coffee Company employees. The group finishes their Tuesday walk at a local coffee shop. Photo/Clara Beard

Laguna local Nick Achee, 29, met Khakdoust through a shared working space and was immediately drawn to the community aspect of Great Love Club.

“For young people that don’t go out and party or work in a big corporate structure, it can be hard to find a strong sense of community,” Achee said. “It’s hard to meet new people. The people that show up here are the ones that are setting intentions on what they want and trying to be clear. You’d be surprised how many are super talented, absolutely creative people. This group just attracts pretty unique people.”

Muse said thanks to the Walking Club, she’s inspired to go for her own solo neighborhood walks.

“It influences people to practice mindfulness in their own daily practice,” Muse said. “But to add to what Nick said, I feel like the Great Love Club saved me too. I was going through a lot of transitions in life where I didn’t know who I could count on. When I started coming to these events, I thought, ‘wow, everyone loves to be here. The conversation is great. The energy is incredible.'”

Looking forward, Khakdoust is still debating how she wants to expand her vision. Ideally, she says the end goal would be to have a multi-use clubhouse space where people could gather, work, and host events while collaborating with local businesses and gaining sponsorships.

“But right now, I just want to keep growing the community because I feel like it’s so important,” Khakdoust said. “Many people are benefiting from it, networking and making all these amazing connections. The more people who come together, the more we can support each other. Many Laguna small businesses need all the help they can get, and I feel like I can help facilitate that.”

People can learn more about The Great Love Club and its upcoming events by visiting or Instagram at @thegreatloveclub.

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  1. Thank you Clara!!!! Happy tears! Thank you for coming and for supporting me and my Club and my vision. I appreciate you and hope this article reaches someone in need of a loving community! <3
    Tifany with The Great Love Club

  2. It’s great to know about this ‘club’ because I have personally informed Governor Abbot of Texas to begin sending busses of migrants to Laguna Beach where The Great Love Club can welcome them into our community with dignity.

  3. Over the fast five years those of us properly educated, in tolerance, love, God, life, have finally found out, that there’s a proliferation of wasted lives spent embracing cliches. Great Love Club thinks their nobility trumps productivity, and it’s a sad commentary coming to a dead end. These young fools, who are apparently enabled by parents and like minded cliche lovers, roll out public relations ideas to make up for their empty souls. Love Club? Just go to church. Find truth in proper education. Get a JOB. Wondering – will the Club Love Conservatives when the crush comes? Doubt it.


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